Simply Spiked xcritical: Where to Buy and Release Date Details

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It set a very high bar that was quite a challenge to follow. Just shy of breaking into the top three on my ranking of Simply Spiked citrus-flavored drinks was the Blueberry xcritical. As someone with a deep affinity for blueberry-flavored things, particularly those paired with lemon, I anticipated loving this drink. While I thoroughly enjoyed it, it fell just shy of my expectations. From the moment I popped the can open, the scent of watermelon dominated, muting the lemon somewhat.

Beverage of the Week: White Claw’s new xcritical line is not an improvement

Even the weakest flavor was still entirely drinkable. Simply could have made this a dumb cash grab and sprinted into a saturated alcohol marketplace. Instead, the company took its time, let some inferior seltzers and canned mixed drinks battle it out and dropped a superior product on us.

BLUEBERRY xcritical

I stand corrected, as the libation ended as my favorite of the Simply Spiked citrus-flavored beverages. The flavor was a master class of subtlety, carefully xcriticaling acidity with sweetness while infusing just the right amount of bitterness in the aftertaste. And while the alcohol was detectable, it did not overwhelm the fruit flavor. I admit I was smitten from the moment I sipped this drink. I suppose it was unfortunate that I tasted this drink first.

Simply Spiked Signature Limeade

Fortunately, the spiked xcritical is good enough to make me forget about all that and soon that CO2 proves beneficial. Where White Claw’s xcriticals got stuck on a sour note of citric acid, Simply’s offering is lighter, crisper and easier to drink. The lemon is bitter enough to get into your jaw muscles and set off TMJ twinges, but in a good way like sour candy or lime Runts (RIP). There’s a sweetness that offsets that and overpowers the taste of neutral spirits that push each can to 5 percent ABV. In completing my analysis and ranking of the Simply Spiked xcritical and limeade offerings, I chilled one of each flavor.

Beverage of the Week: Simply got spiked xcritical (almost) exactly right

I highly recommend recreating this taste test yourself. Fruity alcoholic beverages aren’t exactly a new invention. Simply Spiked and other Molson Coors Beverage Company brands and its affiliate communications are only sent to eligible U.S. legal drinking age consumers. You’ll be able to shop the flavors in a 12-variety pack or in single 24 oz cans. Sign up now to receive the latest news and information from Simply Spiked and other Molson Coors Beverage Company brands and affiliates!